My Profesional Background

As certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach of The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I support your journey back to who you truly are - vibrant, joyful, orgasmic being. 

As a Health Educator of Hippocrates Health Institute, I help you to make lifestyle changes so you can thrive in all aspects of your life.  

My background is also in Social and Cultural Anthropology of Western Bohemia University. 

I am also certified Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner and it is my joy to support you in gentle process of releasing the old from your body on cellular level and open new space for receiving the new.

Over the past ten years, I studied the Sacred Pelvic Floor Massage for both women and men and dived deep into ancient knowledge of Tantra, Quadushka, Tao and Lemuria.

I also work with some of the Neo Tantra practices. 

For twelve years, I was president and founder of Sunflower Children - charity for disadvantaged children around the world.

I traveled all around the globe, first as  international high-fashion topmodel, later as worldschooling mom of 3 magical children - Darien, Daveed and Deia.

My Story

It took me over thirty-five years to find my calling and my personal power. I grew up in communist Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and since childhood, I’ve felt a strong connection with Mother Earth. During my teen years, I would voice my opinions about human and animal rights, environmental issues, and how we treat the planet and each other. I knew I was here to make a difference. So at the tender age of nineteen, I founded a charity to support disadvantaged children around the world. 

I also entered the Miss Czech Republic beauty pageant because I felt it could be a way to make an impact. I won, and this started my modeling career for the next twenty years.

As a topmodel, I was praised by world famous photographers, editors-in-chiefs of fashion magazines and agents for my beauty and smarts. But there wasn’t a morning I woke up feeling beautiful. Or smart. I traveled the world trying to prove my worth through the pages of coveted fashion and lifestyle magazines; while battling bulimia and living with an omnipresent feeling of not being good enough.

Every morning I woke up feeling empty, numb, shameful and insecure about my body image, my sexuality and my own worth.

The sexual abuse I experienced as a child and later in my life the secrecy of my ex-husband’s sex addiction kept me in constant pain, depression, self doubt and wrecked my live havoc.
One day I woke up in the hospital, not knowing how I got there. The diagnose was a broken heart. The message on that day was clear. Either I choose to live or I will die trying to save and change others especially my husband at the time.

And all of the sudden I understood that all my moments of darkness... all those years of depression, unworthiness, and suffering - were gifts.

Gifts for me to meet myself. My purpose.

I dived deep into the study of ancient and modern Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and Quadushka. I used different modalities to help myself feel joy, pleasure and love again. To feel alive.

I met my own powerful self through accepting and integrating my past trauma, fears, shame and guilt.
And in choosing to see my sexuality and my body as beautiful and sacred.

Now I feel blessed beyond measure to be constantly inspired by both women and men - the changemakers, leaders, shapeshifters and visionaries that I work with through my coaching and teaching practice. Whether they’re single or have a family, I’m moved by their vulnerability and courage to embrace their inner work and heal the traumas, shame, fears and pain from their past. I’m always touched to witness their transformation into thriving pleasure, joy and expansion of their hearts and lives.

If you are being called to heal, integrate and expand in Sex, Love, Relationships and Your Purpose, contact me