What You Will Experience Through Exclusive 1:1 Coaching: 

  • A deeper connection with yourself and your body
  • New multi-orgasmic capacity and stronger pleasure
  • The ability to create more loving relationships with others
  • Higher stamina & endless energy
  • Reclamation of the sacredness and innocence of your own sexuality 
  • A profound sense of self, more powerful than most can even imagine
  • The discernment to choose where you want to direct your life energy
  • Physical renewal and healing capabilities
  • Knowledge of how to be the best possible lover for your partner
  • A clear manual on the anatomy of arousal and understanding the different ways sexual energy works in men and women's bodies 
  • Integration of the blocks keeping you from sexually and spiritually thriving
  • Authenticity, living your Purpose
  • Skills to use the power of your sexual energy for higher intentions in your life
  • Liberation from social and cultural expectations
  • Feelings of Joy, Expansion & Clarity

How I work

I meet with you weekly (1 hour) over Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp for agreed amount of sessions to access freedom in your sexual life, spiritual life, love and your relationships. Everything we share together takes place in a safe, nurturing container, and is considered sacred, confidential, and never shared outside the vault of our intimate client - coach relationship. 

I use over 25 different personal development techniques I developed and learned during my own personal journey. I work with a scientific approach, while also tapping into deep ancestral wisdom. I use quantum physics, shamanic arts, sound healing, epigenetics, sacred body modalities, work with energy field methods as well as my intuition.

As certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach of The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I support your journey back to who you truly are - vibrant, joyful, orgasmic being. 

Over the past seven years, I learned the Sacred Pelvic Floor Massage for both women and men and dived deep into ancient knowledge of Tantra, Quadushka, Tao and Lemuria.

I also work with some of the Neo Tantra practices. 




Are You Ready To Thrive in Sex, Love and Relationships?

With gratitude, I currently have a full client schedule.
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