7-week long sexual mastery journey to become your most attractive authentic self and the best lover for her


Empowered Man is for you if your desire is to:

  • Improve your art of lovemaking
  • Feel more pleasure and last longer
  • Master new techniques for working with your ejaculation 
  • Experience multiorgasmic pleasure 
  • Give your partner what she needs so you can bring her into a world of endless pleasure
  • Learn how to understand, stay present and connected with your most powerful part of self - life force
  • Feel your creative power and attractiveness 
  • Have a deeper and conscious connection with divine masculine within 
  • Understand female sexual energy and the secrets of anatomy of female arousal (what to touch when and how)
  • Understand your own sexual energy and how to use it in all aspects of your life
  • Be a master of sacred sexuality 
  • Become the creator of successful relationships  
  • Have connected heart-mind-penis centers 
  • Celebrate the heck out of your sexuality

This program is designed for single men and those in relationships, for the Kings who play with the Queen



Did you know that 75% of men ejaculate within the first 3 minutes from the beginning of penetration?

Did you know that most lovemaking, including foreplay, takes less than 15 minutes?

And did you know that a woman needs usually at least 35 minutes of stimulation to reach her orgasm during lovemaking?

And did you know that a man can experience unlimited number of orgasms during lovemaking and not ejaculate?


This program is for all men who want to learn how to work with their sexual energy, learn to choose when to ejaculate and when not, and experience hours of epic sex. For all those who want to satisfy their partner not only physically but also emotionally and be sexually masterful lover.





We will meet weekly on the virtual platform Zoom (with your screens on or off as you wish) and embark on 7 week long adventurous journey of discovering sexual power, intimacy, secrets of divine feminine and how she needs you to penetrate her so she can open more and deeper to you with all her being - physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. 

For the first hour I will take you into the world of ancient art of Tao, Tantra, Quadushka masters as well as new scientific discoveries of epigenetics, quantum physics and quantum biology.

Through practical exercises, meditations, breathwork and other healing techniques I will guide you into your ability to keep stronger and longer erection, choose when to ejaculate, how experience several orgasms for yourself and give them to her, the secrets of using sexual energy to heal and nurture and create life you truly desire. You will look within into your own wisdom to find answers what being man really means to you and how you can thrive and create from your authentic self.

The last half an hour will be space for questions and answers in the form of a chat or coaching, may you desire it.

WE START TUESDAY JUNE 30st OR WEDNESDAY JULY 1st, depending on your time zone

6pm LA (PST)

9pm NY (EST)

2am London (BST)

3am Prague (CET)

9am Bali, Perth (AWST)

11am Sydney (AEST)

All meetings will be recorded and everyone will have the opportunity to play the lessons later in private, no matter what time zone you are in.


Curiculum for each week:

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  • How to feel more - Body, emotions and pleasure
  • How to use sexual energy in and outside of the bedroom
  • How to work with ejaculation
  • What does it mean to hold space
  • Intimacy and how to open up
  • 4 key points for successful sexual play 
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  • Longer and stronger erections
  • Learn how to have a full body orgasm
  • How to have as many orgasms as I choose
  • Connection to my divine masculine
  • Relationship with Father figure
  • Porn and sexual addiction and how to redefine and reclaim my sex life


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WEEK 3: 


  • Male sexual energy and how it works
  • Anatomy of male arousal
  • A deep relationship with oneself
  • Deep and sacred relationship with your penis
  • Finding and accepting the wild and raw parts of yourself 
  • Creating abundance in my work and business space with turn-on
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  • How sexual energy works in women
  • Anatomy of female arousal (what to touch when and how)
  • Female ejaculation and how to help her master it
  • Female pleasure and erotogenic zones
  • Connection with innocence
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WEEK 5: 


  • Guide to the types of female orgasms
  • Multiorgasmic experiences for her
  • Full ody orgasms and how to give them to her
  • Celebration of orgasmic states in life
  • How to open her heart, mind, soul and give her what she needs
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WEEK 6: 


  • How to use pleasure for healing
  • Trauma and its effect on sex life and what to do when it shows up
  • How to use turn-on to manifest the most wonderful life
  • How to have clear intention
  • Holistic sex tools
  • Sex Magic
  • Healing yoni massage
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  • I am in my strength and sacred power
  • I create everything in my life with pleasure and with my turn-on 
  • I am the best possible lover for her
  • I am attractive and successful
  • I celebrate my manhood
  • I am the creator of my world through the alignment with my purpose and my pleasure
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Bonus 1

  • Sacred healing yoni massage 
  • What to do for her when sex is painful or she feels numbness
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Bonus 2
  • Female ejaculation 
  • What to do if a woman does not reach orgasm

Peter, 39, psychologist, coach

 I know Helena as beautiful and successful woman and I had a strong impulse to join her online program. I have to say her professional expertise surpassed my expectations big time. She has a vast knowledge not only in sexuality but also psychology. And what was most effective for me? Practical techniques for deeper selfrealization, for transformation, where sexuality meets spirituality, maybe even transcendence I would say. 

Since I do not have a partner at the moment, I really appreciate I can access the sessions anytime in the future. If you are on the edge, definetely go for it.

Andrej S., 30, Movement Teacher

Our weekly sessions gave me amazing amount of new information about my sexuality as well as female sexuality. It is all nicely put together in one whole clear package with many practical exercises. The experiences of other men in the group are priceless. During some of the meditations and practices we all feel a lot of emotions. I feel much more empowered to work with my arousal and pleasure. I can truly suggest this program to any man who is open ready to learn. 

Dušan H., 40, Czech Republic

 Helena can effectively help everyone on the path to transformation.
She is a conscious guide to sexuality and will teach you how to use sexual energy for higher purposes. She has deep compassion for all beings, is empathetic, has healing abilities, and can transform fear into love.

No words can express how grateful I feel that Helena has entered my life.
Her pure soul will unconditionally accept you, envelop you in intimate and unrivaled love, and draw you to purify and realize exactly what
needs to be cured at a given moment.