Connect with Your Sexual Power to feel more Passion, Pleasure, Joy and Love 

in all areas of Your life.



Calling All Women - Change Makers, Leaders, Space Holders, Empaths & Visionaries, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

It’s time. 

Right now, we are going through the biggest transformation the planet has ever experienced, and you are being called to awaken your inner light, your gifts, your purpose and your mission. The world needs every single part of you turned ON. 

It’s time to reclaim and own all of you so that your inner power - the power of your sacred sexuality - is flowing through you and out into the world. And it’s time to enter the vortex of co-creation so we can collectively change and co-create the New Earth Paradigm.

You’re ready. I have the tools to guide you. Let’s do this. 

Like every woman, you carry many gifts. Gifts that you can share with yourself, your loved ones, humanity and planet Earth. You feel it deeply within yourself, but you had to learn to suppress it. Because somewhere along the way, someone told you that you were "not enough" or "too much".... Too noisy, too quiet, too emotional, skinny, fat, stupid, smart, boyish, girly, etc .. just too much.
And with that, you dimmed your power, your light, your true self, your pleasure, your orgasms, your love and all that you are. You dimmed your mission. Maybe, like every third woman, you have experienced some form of sexual pain or violence. And so you muted even more. Maybe you became numb, or shut down, because that's the only way you could survive. I know what that feels like. I was there, too. I did not feel passion, or pleasure - only the deepest and widest ocean of sorrow.
Having a life filled with love and joy, standing in your power and experiencing physical pleasure and having as many orgasms as you want - this is your birthright.
And I will help you to allow yourself to have it all. To find the switch of your power and have the courage to press ON. It is possible and this program will be your tool for life. 
I am here for you. 
With love, Helena

Our sexual energy is the most natural and the most powerful energy ever to exist.


It is literally life-force energy, and without it there would be nothing. No humans, no animals, no mountains or oceans. No love. No joy. No passion.
Everything is created from this. And it’s right inside of you. Right now. 
Can you feel the enormity of that? 
So when we’re suppressing ourselves out of fear of what others will think of us, or feeling ashamed of our sexual energy rather than allowing it to flow freely throughout our body - we are actually fighting not only with ourselves, but with the force that births everything. 
And as a result, we can experience things like...
  • Consistent feelings of depression, anxiety or numbness
  • Feeling ashamed or afraid of our sexuality
  • Comparing or competing with other women
  • People-pleasing to meet the expectations of others
  • Not feeling attractive or desirable 
  • Having little or no arousal or orgasms
  • Feeling like a victim of people & things around you 
  • Not knowing how to process trauma around sexual abuse


It’s Not Your Fault That You Feel This Way, But It’s Your Responsibility & Within Your Power to Do Something About It


Experiences of Sacred Women 2022:

"Helena Houdova, this woman has a huge gift! In my whole life I haven't experienced anything like that. Thank you Helenka for our journey together, for all transformations, for all gifts and for enabling me to shine even more!"

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being able to join Sacred Woman! I am so grateful for this experience and for 9 weeks with you and with all other beautiful women! I joined Sacred Woman like a pile of misery, I felt very bad mentally and even though it is not completely behind me yet, I can feel that I am shining, and my self-confidence and desire to create are returning."

"Thank you Helenka. I am sitting here, crying, and having goosebumps. It was beautiful, so beautiful. Now I know that this is the truth I want to live. You are love and you have created something incredibly beautiful. Thank you to all sacred women, our star team and especially to you. Thank you"

Why Healing Relationship With Our Sexuality Is Key

A healthy relationship with our sexual power allows us to feel whole, and touches every part of our lives. 

Self-love and sexual power are intimately connected. And self-love is cultivated only when we can accept the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves. The shadows. The anger. The hurt. The wild and destructive parts of ourselves. 

And since our sexual power has been intentionally shamed and feared for thousands of years - and still is - we carry these wounds as unaccepted pieces of ourselves. We fight against the most natural and powerful parts of our beings. 

And we suppress our emotions and feelings even deeper.

Now imagine that you can set them free. That you can see them as gifts. As part of your magic. As your strengths..

So we're gonna go there. And we’re gonna find those gifts and turn ourselves ON - literally!*


*Fun Fact: A university in Germany found that we literally shine - and, we can actually measure it. They found that people generally shine at 20 photons, but when we go inwards and do things like meditate, we can shine up to 100,000 photons!

Now Is The Time To Rise In Your Feminine Power So You Can:

  • Heal ancient and recent wounds
  • Feel safe in your body
  • Re-connect with love and joy as your essence and birthright
  • Feel unlimited potential of your life energy 
  • Learn techniques on how to work with and integrate your trauma, pain and deep emotions
  • Reclaim all the parts of yourself you suppressed or abandoned 
  • Let go of habits, beliefs or relationships that don’t honor who you truly are
  • Learn how to heal, manifest and create with your sacred energy
  • Discover your unique gifts that you can share with others
  • Accept yourself fully in all light and dark and stand in the power of who you truly are
  • Cultivate beautiful & meaningful relationships
  • Fully feel and express your emotions
  • Strengthen your intuition and trust in divine flow
  • Heal your wounds from other women and find support in sisterhood
  • Create and co-create fully
  • Embody your beautiful essence and live a magical life
  • Be the Divine Sacred Empowered Woman that you are


Hi Dear Sister, I am Helena Houdova


Today, I’m a mom to three gorgeous children, living my purpose in a tropical paradise, with a supportive community around me. But it took me over thirty-five years to get here - to find my calling and my personal power.

I grew up in communist Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and since childhood, I’ve felt a strong connection with Mother Earth. 

As a topmodel, I was praised by world famous photographers, editors-in-chiefs of fashion magazines and agents for my beauty and smarts. But there wasn’t a morning when I woke up feeling beautiful. Or smart. I travelled the world trying to prove my worth through the pages of coveted fashion and lifestyle magazines; while battling bulimia and living with an omnipresent feeling of not being good enough.

Every morning I woke up feeling empty, numb, shameful and insecure about my body image, my sexuality and my own worth.

The sexual abuse I experienced as a child and later in my life the secrecy of my ex-husband’s sexual addiction kept me in constant pain, depression, self doubt and wrecked my live havoc.

One day I woke up in the hospital, not knowing how I got there. The diagnose was a broken heart. The message on that day was clear. Either I choose to live or I will die trying to save and change others especially my husband at the time.

And all of the sudden I understood that all my moments of darkness... all those years of depression, unworthiness, and suffering - were gifts.

Gifts for me to meet myself. My purpose.

I dived deep into the study of ancient and modern Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and Quadushka. I used different modalities to help myself feel joy, pleasure and love again. To feel alive.

I met my own powerful self through accepting and integrating my past trauma, fears, shame and guilt.

And in choosing to see my sexuality and my body as beautiful and sacred.

Now I feel blessed beyond measure to be constantly inspired by both women and men - the changemakers, leaders, shapeshifters and visionaries that I work with through my coaching and teaching practice. Whether they’re single or have a family, I’m moved by their vulnerability and courage to embrace their inner work and heal the traumas, shame, fears and pain from their past. I’m always touched to witness their transformation to joy and the expansion of their hearts and lives.

As certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach of The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I support your journey back to who you truly are - vibrant, joyful, orgasmic being. 

As a Health Educator of Hippocrates Health Institute, I help you to make lifestyle changes so you can thrive in all aspects of your life. 

I am also certified Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner and it is my joy to support you in gentle process of releasing the old from your body on cellular level and open new space for receiving the new.

Over the past ten years, I studied the Sacred Pelvic Floor Massage for both women and men and dived deep into ancient knowledge of Tantra, Quadushka, Tao and Lemuria. I also work with some of the Neo practices. 

This work is my soul purpose.  I’m beyond grateful and honoured to be able to share my gifts and to be a loving guide on this journey for so many of you. 

Read More About My Story

Michaela, business coach

Sacred Woman opens in August 2022


Together, we’ll journey the path of discovering and reclaiming our Feminine Power. We’ll open ourselves to love, passion and wildness and we’ll experience the joy of connecting with our own inner sexual energy.  You’ll discover the gifts that are inside of you, and receive the nourishing container of sisterhood.


Each week, we’ll focus on a specific theme, and I’ll share practical and somatic exercises, meditations, breathing practices and other healing techniques that will support you to use your sexual energy to heal, experience deeper and more frequency orgasms, create, and nurture yourself and your beloved ones.


BONUS: Live online group coaching with Helena 

This is where the real magic and transformation occurs. 

Because we are in a private and women’s only container - we’ll co-create a vibrational field of healing and transformation that we can all receive from. This means that when one of us heals, we all heal some part of ourselves, too.

Please set aside 1 to 2 hours for each module to watch all of the prerecorded videos and an additional 30 mins to 1 hour for homeplay practices. Bonus group coaching will take approximately 2 hours. However you can take your time and go through the program at your own pace.

It’s time to take back our power from thousands of years of generational programming and trauma, so we can step into our wholeness and turn ourselves ON by accepting every single part of us.


You don’t have to do this alone, sister. An intentional group container and a skilled facilitator  will accelerate your transformation, and offer the healing of sisterhood that isn’t possible on our own. 


Barbora, Switzerland


Weekly Modules: 

Placeholder Image

Week 1

I am Sacred

  • Safety
  • Sexual energy
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Connecting with your body
  • How to create safety in the body and calm your mind

Week 2

I am Love

  • The healing energy of love
  • How to open your heart and give love to yourself
  • Compassion
  • Sacred breast massage to nourish yourself through love

Week 3

I am a Woman

  • Sexual energy and its flow in a woman
  • Female anatomy of arousal
  • Self-pleasure
  • The art of receiving
  • Divine femininity and healing the mother wound

Week 4

I am a Sexual Goddess

  • Sexual energy and its flow in men
  • Male anatomy of arousal (the art of touch and timing)
  • Sacred penis massage
  • The secret to enlivening a relationship
  • Divine masculinity and healing relationship with father

Week 5

I am Wild

  • Freedom
  • Meeting childhood needs or traumas 
  • Creating freely and authentically
  • Defining your own sexuality
  • Learning the art of female ejaculation

Week 6

I am Orgasmic

  • Connection with your pleasure
  • Different types of orgasms
  • How to unlock your orgasmic potential
  • Practical tips and techniques for orgasms

Week 7

I am a Healer

  • The healing power of sexual energy
  • How to work with sexual energy consciously
  • Numbness and how to transform it into pleasure
  • Sacred yoni massage to heal your sexual blocks

Week 8

I am Magical

  • Trusting and creating in alignment with your mission
  • The importance of your truth
  • Basics of Sex Magic
  • How to manifest through sexual energy 

Week 9

I am in My Strength

  • Standing in your strength
  • Giving freedom to others with love and respect
  • Daring to create from your essence
  • Remembering your sacred nature

The Sacred Women experience:

YITKA, 46, pilates coach, France 

"In my life, I have tried and invested into a lot of self growth and help - from psychologists to hypnosis, etc.. Yes, it helped, but Helena is the one who is absolutely unique in my life journey. I was finally able to give birth to the woman who I am, who I want to be and who I desire to be. 

I found compassion and safety in a group of women, healed my sisterhood wounds, discovered treasures within myself and did that all with love for myself. 

I cannot express how deep it really was an insight into my life and how amazing and transformational the journey with the Sacred Woman was and is for me.

I am shining and cheering for other women which I always knew was part of my purpose."

Experience the Journey that Hundreds od Women Have Taken

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Engage with the Content

Set aside 2-3 hours each week to watch prerecorded videos and do all practical exercises and meditations with an open heart and open mind. The rest will take care of itself naturally & magically.


Blanka M.K., 34 years, fitness trainer

"Before I found Helena, I felt that my deep inner strength was gone. That she was suppressed somewhere, I felt in chaos and confusion. My soul began to cry for help and whispered nonviolently to address Helena. It seemed quite crazy to me, I had no idea if Helena was working with clients at all, I just had her on the instagram and she was drawn and it called me to her.

Already now - after several sessions with her - I feel my soul, I feel my needs and my call. Helena taught me to celebrate and welcome everything with joy. She taught me to touch and speak to my inner parts. She taught me to heal myself and help myself. I feel calm, I feel inner peace, I feel connected to everything in my life as a whole, I feel clearly the needs of my soul. I am no longer afraid to express myself, I clearly perceive my limits and a lot of other knowledge has come and is coming to me on our common journey.

Helena and I still have some work to do and a journey together, and I am really looking forward to what other horizons we will discover in me together." 


"The Sacred woman program is about finding and strengthening a woman‘s power. You will be surprised how big your power is, how much information, experiences, gifts you get, everything you will heal.

Helena, she is a boundless love. Above that, beautiful, smart, humble. Thank you so much, Helena. 

Thank you for being."

Jana, 34

"There is a lot what this program has given me. Helena helped me to return to myself, discover my life power again and tune to my womanhood. My sensitivity has increased and I can feel better my body and I can work more with my energy and arousal. The tools we learned during the program helping me to reach orgasm better.

My selflove has increased from point 0 to 1000. I know my boundaries. I am more honest with myself and others. I realized a lot of limiting beliefs (e.g. I have to work hard to prove something. I will only be successful if I will be hard and adamant about myself.  Only weaker characters show tears. Women have to serve. Suffering is a part of woman’s life.) which took away my energy and prevented me from being myself.

During that time my relationships and relationship with myself have improved significantly and I am experiencing greater calm and serenity. Today I have no problem to go and hug my mum and feel love.  Just a year ago I wouldn’t believe this might be possible. There are moments when I feel more myself, free and unattached. I am opening to vulnerability and new love after years of suffering, pain and reject partners.

I would like to highlight beautiful and safe space, new friendships, strong bond of sisterhood and mainly Helena herself, who puts all her heart, time, energy, knowledge and healing abilities into this program. The whole program, FB support and Helena’s guidance in absolute gentleness, means so much to me, that I have completed it twice and I plan to sign up for next."

Eliška H., 22

"Thanks to you I discovered a lot of AHA moments when after x months even years.

I managed to find out why my back was hurting me so much in a sacrum. Since completing Sacred Woman the pain is almost zero! You have given us so many beautiful tools to discover ourselves.

I finally got to know what it is like not to use a painkiller during menstruation because you taught me to listen to my body and to connect with it. I found new respect for my body because it allows me to do what women in my lineage couldn't."


Ready to invest in yourself, beautiful?

What’s Included in the Program:

  • 9 x prerecorded videos with Helena, so you can be fully held by her years of experience, expertise and skills, as you journey loving connection with yourself, and integrate the whole spectrum of your Divine Feminity. 
  • BONUS Online live Coaching with Helena so you can take advantage to be heard and seen as you truly are in a safe way of Sacred Woman community.
  • Learn Secret Practices and Techniques such as the Sacred Massage, breathwork and meditation, so you can deepen your experience and rediscover your life energy. 
  • A Private FB Group, so you can connect with a sisterhood of like-minded women, and be witnessed and celebrated throughout the journey, and long after. You have the opportunity to create connections that will last for a lifetime. 
  • A Safe & Non-Judgmental Space, so you can feel comfortable to share, heal, receive and integrate all parts of yourself
  • Lifetime Access to the Sacred Woman program, so you can journey through any of the themes again whenever you need. 

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