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Life is sacred.

Our bodies are sacred and powerful.

Joy is our birth right.

Since the beginning of time, we humans have used our life energy - our life force - for healing, creating, nurturing and revitalizing.
Until shame was introduced. 
You can reclaim your power back through the most delicious way - enjoying and expanding your pleasure. My name is Helena and I help women and men to thrive in love and relationships.

How I Will Help You


I feel blessed beyond measure to be constantly inspired by both women and men - the changemakers, leaders, shapeshifters and visionaries that I work with through my coaching and teaching practice. Whether they’re single or have a family, I’m moved by their vulnerability and courage to embrace their inner work and heal the traumas, shame, fears and pain from their past. I’m always touched to witness their transformation into thriving pleasure, joy and expansion of their hearts and lives.


I use over 25 different personal development techniques which I have developed & learned during my own personal journey. My approach is scientific, while also tapping into deep ancestral wisdom, quantum physics, shamanic arts, sound healing, epigenetic & energy field methods as well as my intuition. 


1:1 Guidance

As a certified sex, love and relationship coach, I support men and women in the process of empowering themselves to own their sexual energy. When we fully experience our own pleasure, we can re-connect with our sensuality, power and purpose.

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I have spoken on stages around the world about conscious and sacred sexuality and our inner power. 

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For Teens

As a Conscious Sexuality teacher, I help parents and teens to empower themselves with communication skills, knowledge and understanding about safety, boundaries, consent, self acceptance as well as the anatomy of arousal and more.

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"I've known Helena for more than 20 years and she has always proved herself to be a wonderful friend and intellect. It's all about the heart and mind, and I have absolutely no doubt that she has IT! "

Quincy Jones
music genius

"From the moment I begun with Helena, she created a safe container for me to be able to express myself, in a way I have never been able to before in this life. Helena works intuitively with many different modalities offering healing and support in the areas I needed most. Immediately after our first session I felt renewed, lighter and closer to myself then previously experienced. A truly powerful healing priestess!"

Piers Hampton
Director of Happiness, I Trust You Movement

"Through this work I’ve experienced some of the most expansive states of being I have ever had. Having a mentor in this area who is nurturing and deeply tapped in, has opened up a much wider spectrum of love and connection in my life. Working with Helena has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s allowed me to open up to my true power that was always deep within me… "

33, Male Client, CEO

"Helena is a pleasure whisperer"

Aneta, 39
Mom, Lawyer


As a topmodel, I was praised by world famous photographers, editors-in-chiefs of fashion magazines and agents for my beauty and smarts. But there wasn’t a morning I woke up feeling beautiful. Or smart. I traveled the world trying to prove my worth through the pages of coveted fashion and lifestyle magazines; while battling bulimia and living with an omnipresent feeling of not being good enough. 
Every morning I woke up feeling empty, numb, shameful and insecure about my body image, my sexuality and my own worth.
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